Monday, June 10, 2013

Spring's Coastal Home Storage Fix

Spring is going to be leaving us soon, have you finished all your spring cleaning in preparation for summer parties, an airy clean home, and a no-hassle summer day? I just finished my cleaning a few days ago - totally had to go through my entire closet and get that all straightened out ;)

Storage is so important to have for the little trinkets, books, and magazines around your living room - or the endless appearances of toys on the floor if you have kids...don't you just feel less stressed out if your rooms are all clean? I sure do, and I know you'd love to work towards that if you still have things laying around the house.

Coastal Seasons is the fix for having lovely coastal storage accented with beachy details within your home for a clutter-free look. Martha, the designer and owner behind Coastal Seasons's shop on Etsy, handcrafts each vintage item which mirrors coastal living relaxation within the newly created piece. From storage baskets and pillows to candle holders and the occasional stand-up paddle board from Epic Aqua Sports, Coastal Seasons is a stylish and affordable shop to meet your decor and storage needs, and has over 300 sales to prove it! Check out the interview with Martha and some of my favorite products of hers below.

1. How did you get the idea to launch Coastal Seasons, and what makes running the business so enjoyable for you?
"I love to sew and craft, and since I live on the coast of Florida and love everything to do with the beach and water, I decided to start a shop to sell my unique coastal theme items. The business is enjoyable because I can create whatever I want and really use my imagination and skills. I like the satisfaction of designing an item and then actually making it myself. I create the types of things I would want in my own home, with the thought that others will want them in their homes too, whether they live in a coastal area or not."

2. What product do you sell the most of?
"I sell more of my fabric baskets than any other item. I think it's because people are looking for a unique way to organize things, and I include a coastal accent to the baskets, usually in the form of a starfish or shell."

3. What's your favorite beach or destination to travel to?
"That's a difficult choice! Every beach is so unique and different. My lifelong favorite is Pass-A-Grille Beach on the West coast of Florida, and my new favorite is Green Turtle Bay in the Bahamas."

4. What do you hope people will see or feel when they buy, give, or look at your products?
"I hope they will feel the relaxation that comes while sitting on the beach, enjoying the warmth of the sun and listening to the sounds of the waves."

5. What is your favorite thing about living in New Smyrna Beach, Florida?
"New Smyrna Beach is a wonderful place to live and work. My favorite thing is having easy access to the beach and Intercoastal Way where you can enjoy seeing dolphins, manatee, and a variety of bird-life. The downside is that it's difficult to be indoors when the weather is so nice, when I would rather be walking on the beach, boating, or stand up paddle boarding!" (SUP!)

6. If you could have one of your products in the home of any celebrity, political figure, etc who would it be and why?
"I would choose Martha Stewart because she has done so much to bring the arts of sewing, crafting, and entertainment into the spotlight. Without her influence and creativity, I don't think the "handcrafting community" would have the presence and acceptance it currently enjoys."

O the possibilities of where these baskets could be in a home, don't you agree?!

Find Coastal Seasons on Etsy and Facebook

One lucky winner will be chosen Friday morning on June 14th. To enter go to the ArtSea Chic Facebook page and click on the giveaway app - or click the link below. Good luck!

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  1. Great idea...beautiful storage baskets

    1. They are beautiful arent they? Make sure to enter the giveaway if you haven't already :)

  2. I currently have one of Martha's lovely sea baskets and treasure it! Right now I'm using it to store a collection of get-well cards that I've been receiving. The basket is sitting there each day, reminding me to read through the cards and think of those dear friends and family who have sent them. Martha's work is truly a reflection of love of all that the ocean and beach bring us. Nancy

    1. Thanks for sharing Nancy! Hope you feel better soon :)

  3. I chose to give the fabric baskets as gifts this last holiday season and what a success!
    We live in North Carolina in an area where the longleaf pine reigns supreme and Martha designed the baskets with a longleaf pine motif.
    How do I know the baskets were a success? Because they were displayed in prominent places in each of the houses of my friends, stuffed with the same items I place in mine: notepads, pens, pencils, cards, fingernail files, etc.. And they looked great!
    Thank you, Martha!

    1. Thanks for sharing Karen! Martha does do an extremely good job on her designs :)


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