Monday, June 17, 2013

A Fisherartist's Colors Casting for Art and Nature

Both avid fisherman and artist, Mike Savlen has the outdoorsman's dream of submerging himself into the elements of nature to take them as his subjects to create a medium full of lively and contrasting colors that builds his paintings with every brush stroke.

Mike is the owner and full-time artist behind Savlen Studios, but his journey to becoming one of the most recognized artists in the fly and sport fishing art world started when he was just 16 years old. He sold his first painting as a young teenager to the wife of famed author and artist Rudy de Reyna, most know for his Draw What You See instructional books and his realistic oil and watercolor paintings. In addition to producing his own art, Mike has previously been a Victorian restoration painter, art director, commercial fisherman, and has served the United States of America in two branches of the military!

"I am constantly inspired by what I experience outdoors. I am an avid hunter and fisherman, and proud of it. From beautiful to brutal, hilarious to heartbreaking; I find nature is truth in the purest form. Never asking for praise and having no need for forgiveness." Mike's experiences have led him to see what truly makes up the reflection of marine life, land animals, landscapes, and more - the reflection of millions of different colors coming together to transform his subjects into a beautiful piece of art.

Mike's paintings don't just come in the form of different mediums on canvas and paper, in fact how awesome would it be to have your favorite original Savlen painting, or have your favorite piece on the backsplash of your kitchen, the bottom of your pool, walls in your bathroom shower... the possibilities are endless for tiled and mural art by Mike if your creative imagination can think of it. I personally love the pool idea :)

His paintings are like a breath of life. When observing one you can hear the movement of the fish in the water, the sun-kissed sizzle of the sand, the air bubbles swimming through the different layers of water temperatures, a summer day breeze rolling through the puffy white clouds, some even make you wonder what would be around the corner if the canvas was bigger.

Mike's popularity has stretched across the world into different countries, and into dozens of publications and magazines such as the Marlin Magazine, GAFF Magazine, Fly Rod & Reel, On The Water, American Angler, On The Edge, as well as so many more in the fishing and lifestyle industry.

One of the most unique art services Mike offers is his Bragging Rights Portraits in which Mike will personally create a digital painting from a photograph you provide to him. Maybe you went on a deep sea fishing trip with some friends and snapped a shot of your biggest catches, went on a hunting trip and shot your best buck, or your husband, brother, sister, or wife caught a great fish (maybe it was even their first fish!). Mike can turn these special outdoor moments into a work of art you can hang in your office or home. This portrait can make the PERFECT unique and special gift for anyone during their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, and especially Father's Day (so everyone who didn't get dad something, hurry and call or email Mike to help you out!).

Bragging Rights Portrait by Mike Savlen

Check out this progression of a painting that took Mike 4 years to complete when he started the 8.5 foot permit piece featuring bonefish and tarpon in Costa Rica and then finished in New Hampshire!

Mike's art is just incredible, don't you agree? With the extraordinary help of Mike's wife, Donna-lee, Savlen Studios has partnered with ArtSea Chic to GIVEAWAY one professional giclee 16x16x1.25'' Conch Shell Nautical Coastal Art Study Painting Print on premium canvas, stretched on a wooden frame (1.25''x1.25'') with stretcher bars, and features black sides and ready-to-hang mounting hardware and hanger.Valued at over $100!

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept entrants outside of the United States into this giveaway due to increased shipping costs at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The giveaway starts today and will end at midnight CST on Thursday, June 20. One lucky winner will be announced the morning of Friday, June 21 on the ArtSea Chic Facebook page.

Pin the fishing quotes below with Mike's art on them!

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