Monday, May 6, 2013

It's My Birthday! :: Malabar Bay & Jayes Studio GIVEAWAY

It's my birthday on Tuesday this week, and I've partnered with Jayes Studio and Malabar Bay to bring to you BRIGHT, COLORFUL, FUN home storage accessories in a celebration GIVEAWAY!

Jayes Studio offers home interior products graced with traditional hand-printed tole art designs in decorative styles using water based lead-free paint. This is fantastic because lead paint is a serious health hazard for any human, but especially for children, which led to its outlawing in the United States in 1978. In addition to caring about the health of their customers, Jayes Studio ensures their products are made to last by using an enamel based protective coating for longevity of the product. Products are easy to clean with a quick swipe of a damp sponge or paper towel before drying. Both fashionable and functional, their products range from bath accessories and interior storage bins, to party entertainment accessories, pillows, antiques, and gifts.

There's so many lovely things to choose from! You could do some serious re-decorating by getting one of everything they offer. Below are some of my favorite pieces for organizing and storage use. Just look at that juicy red pineapple magazine holder!

Tissue covers are a great accessory for any room in your home to prevent dust from gathering on the paper top; I think we all know how frustrating that can get. A simple wipe of a damp sponge and you're good to go instead of bleeding out the colors on a paper tissue box. Plus, Jayes Studio's designs are way more appealing than anything you'll find at the grocery store :)

Little trinkets, car keys, TV remotes, ... they all fit perfectly into vanity trays and keep everything in once place instead of scattered around the house. You'll always know where you left those darn keys.ha If you're one to get a lot of mail (maybe more junk mail than "real" mail) a mail tub is a fabulous piece to keep near the door to drop your mail into for reading later - no piles!

We've had so many rainy cold days here in Texas and the LAST thing I want to worry about is a soaking wet spot on the floor that leaves a watermark. Jayes Studio's umbrella stands are a perfect match for your front and back doors, heck, even put one in the garage if you want for when you step out of the car and walk in. After those hard days at work and dealing with crazy weather, a good magazine read is always my go-to to bring me relaxation, along with doing some quick cleans around the apartment. I absolutely adore Jayes Studio's storage bins and magazine bins, they come in great patterns and colors and have that special touch of style (one storage bin is up for grabs in the giveaway!).
1. Leaf Lattice Blue Tissue Box Cover 2. Kenya Blue Vanity Tray 3. Horizontal Navy "Mail" Tub 4. Breakers Aqua Umbrella Stand 5. Bar Harbor Storage Bin 6. Pineapple Red Rectangular Magazine Holder.

A sister company to Jayes Studio and also family-owned, Malabar Bay has fashion and home accessories fit for the environmentalist and everyone who enjoys the appreciation of organic cotton and vegetable dyes (plant-based dyes) used in printing.Vegetable dyes are a healthier alternative to regular dyes, and most of the time come from renewable sources and are biodegradable which is good for our planet. Another great advantage of vegetable dyes, especially in clothing, is that no bleeding of colors will happen in the wash (a big plus)! Malabar Bay's bright designs throughout their product lines, from cosmetic, lunch, and laundry bags, to waste baskets, pillows, tote bags, and apparel for both men and women, you'll find comfort knowing anything you purchase will be a healthy addition to your home.

With so many coastal bright patterns and colors to choose from you're sure to have many favs as you browse their store. Below are some of my favorite pieces from Malabar Bay's accessory, home, and women's clothing lines. Loving their laundry bags (one laundry bag is up for grabs in the giveaway!) for using on road-trips, way better than the plastic bag.

If you hit the road this summer for a vacation, having a lightweight robe for those cool mornings is a must-have, along with a makeup bag with a handle for carrying around when you're still half awake ;) Malabar Bay's robes are made with organic pre-washed cotton and their cosmetic bags come lined with an insulator for easy cleaning and to help keep your makeup bottles staying cool (which is pretty important to prevent leaks!).

For daily use, their canvas wastebaskets can be placed in just about any room, and come in a great selection of designs on a cotton canvas exterior which wraps around a plastic inside. Must note this - these canvas exterior wraps are removable! This is great because they are washable which means you're wastebasket is being kept clean whenever you need it to be. No more scrubbing any plastic wastebaskets outside with soft scrub to try and make them look presentable. 

When traveling, I always make sure to bring an ID case with me everywhere I go for quick ins-and-outs of the car when sightseeing, plus it's way easier to keep track of. I'm also guilty of being that person you see with a large pillow bunched up against the car window asleep for like 9+ hours during a long trip if I'm not the one driving.haha Malabar Bay's cute square pillows would be a perfect fix and just the right size. Another fix to one of my re-occuring issues when traveling are their cotton drawstring laundry bags. Talk about the perfect stylish storage piece when you need to organize whites, colors, and darks!
1. Ikat Navy Robe 2. Moroccan Aqua ID Case 3. Scalloped Arches Green Laundry Bag 4. Molly Blue Canvas Wastebasket 5. Ikat Navy Pillow 22'' 6. Nautical Knot Dopp Kit

Aren't you just drooling for one of these great pieces from Jayes Studio and Malabar Bay now? Head on over to the ArtSea Chic Facebook page where my birthday celebration giveaway is being hosted. Become a fan, enter, and then spread the news about what's up for grabs! The giveaway ends this Thursday, May 9 at midnight (CST). One lucky winner will be chosen the morning of Friday, May 10 so make sure to keep an eye out to see if the winner is YOU! Good luck.


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