Monday, May 27, 2013

2 Year Anniversary Celebration Giveaway Sponsored by Little Gift Basket Boutique, LLC

Guess what! ArtSea Chic is 2 years old today! It's been such an amazing two years and I can't thank all of you enough for supporting the blog and sharing your thoughts and what you like most from ArtSea Chic.  Within the past year the blog has gone international, reaching over 58 countries to date! This is truly an honor.

ArtSea Chic was born back in the summer of 2011 when I finished college at the University of Texas at Arlington while I was looking for a little (turned out to be big) project to put my newly learned marketing skills to good use on while I tried to find a job out in the real world. Needless to say I ended up at a great company and still find time for my love of blogging and sharing coastal finds, inspiring businesses, and spreading the word about environmental issues that impact our oceans and earth.

So now, it's time to celebrate with all of you for this special occasion, and we couldn't have a better sponsor on board to spread the excitement than Little Gift Basket Boutique, LLC - because they too are celebrating their anniversary, yay! It has been one amazing year for Little Gift Basket Boutique who has wowed hundreds of customers with their unique and affordable quality gift baskets fit for any occasion you could think of.

Two weeks ago I ordered a Mother's Day It's A Bloomin Gardeners Bucket Gift Basket for my mom and she loved it! We planted the packages of Morning Glory, Sunflower, and Petunia flower seeds in little recycled water bottle pots I made the same day and look how far they've come! They'll be ready to put in the ground soon, they're fast little growers :)

Little Gift Basket Boutique's gift baskets make the perfect all-in-one gift for family members, friends, co-workers...pretty much anyone :) I asked Nicole Mantzke, owner of Little Gift Basket Boutique what her thoughts were on the business and what's in store for the future. See the interview below!

1. How did you get the idea to launch Little Gift Basket Boutique, and what are your plans for growing the business?
"I've known for a really long time that one day I would own my own business, but never really had any idea what it would be. I knew that I wanted it to be something I enjoy, something I'm passionate about, and something I could bring to other people to enjoy. I spent a few years researching everything I could about owning a business -- from brick and mortar to ecommerce, and towards the end of that research, one night it just came to me. I LOVE gift baskets! I love receiving them, I love sending them, and best of all, I always love the reactions of those I send them to. That night, I knew that my business was going to focus around gift baskets, and my research lead me to learning all I could about gift baskets and the industry. Not too long after that, I started working on the design of the website, and eventually Little Gift Basket Boutique was born!"

2. What gift basket category is your most popular?
"Spa & Relaxation gift baskets and Gourmet gift baskets. Both offer a wide variety and assortment for any budget!"

3. What is your favorite beach or destination to travel to?
"My favorite beach is New Smyrna Beach because it's relatively local, easy to travel to, and great for bike riding! But my favorite destination is Maui; nothing beats Maui beaches and the beautiful Pacific Ocean!"

4. What do you hope people will see or feel when they buy, give, or look at your baskets?
"I hope that people will see the uniqueness and quality that make up my gift baskets, and I want them to feel like they're special; that the gift basket is not just a gift, but a personal reflection of them in some way. I want them to enjoy every item found in the gift basket, and I want them to know just how much they mean to the person who selected it for them. There's a lot of pride and joy that goes into every gift basket I offer, and more than anything I hope that shines through to everyone who visits my website, as well as those who receive my gift baskets."

5. What's your favorite thing about living and working in Spring Hill, Florida?
"It's amazing for so many reasons, but the most favorite is the warm tropical weather, tranquility and the scenery I'm surrounded by every day. I work in a room out of my house that is mostly made up of windows that are floor-to-ceiling. I open them every morning before I sit down to work so I can feel and enjoy the breeze that blows off the lake - it's like working outside but without the hot Florida sun beating down on me."

6. If you could create a gift basket for anyone to receive (celebrity, political figure, etc) who would it be and why?
"I'd create a gift basket for Ellen DeGeneres. She's so entertaining and full of fun, watching her just makes me smile. Her fan base is massive, and it's also the perfect age group for targeting those who love gift baskets. I would love for her to get her hands on one of my gift baskets, perhaps one day..."

To celebrate both our anniversaries, Little Gift Basket Boutique is sponsoring a giveaway of their Seashells by the Seashore Tropical Gift Basket filled with yummy treats to take with you to the beach, pool-side, or out for a picnic!

Find Little Gift Basket Boutique on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

One lucky winner will be chosen Friday morning on May 31st. To enter go to the ArtSea Chic Facebook page and click on the giveaway app tab - or click the link below. Good luck!

Enter the Anniversary Giveaway!


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