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Vintage Made in the U.S.A :: Counting Sheets

Spring is here, and the premature urge to get out of work early and the day dreaming of summer vacation has finally stuck to me :) If you've started to plan your vacation, is it to any beach? Do you have comfy clothes, the perfect bathing suit, and all those flip-flops lined next to your outfits? If you're not quite there just yet, Counting Sheets has partnered up with ArtSea Chic in a GIVEAWAY this week to help you out! Up for grabs is a custom pair of vintage seashell pajamas made to the winner's sizing!

Counting Sheets based in Oviedo, Florida is owned and operated by Christina, who transforms vintage linens into fashionable pajamas and beach coverups with all materials used made in the United States. It's great to see a small business such as Christina's supporting American made materials for her line of clothing. I had to ask her about why she started Counting Sheets, what her favorite beach is, and what she hopes for in the future. See the interview and giveaway details below!

1. How did Counting Sheets start and what are your plans for growing the business? What was the inspiration behind the new venture?
It grew out of another business I started. I had a small vintage clothing and housewares shop, and I had this beautiful collection of vintage sheets and linens that didn't sell very well. Most of the sheets were twin size, and people just don't have twin size beds anymore unless they have small children. I started thinking about how I could repurpose them so that others could see the beauty, and the value, in these sheets the way I saw them. I started by making pajama pants, but it really has evolved into more of a loungeware line.  
I am expanding my line to include bikini wraps and beach friendly jewelry, all made from crocheted table runners. I am also currently working on a website for the Counting Sheets line.

2. What's your favorite piece to make, and why?
The palazzo pants! I'm so inspired by the whimsical and colorful prints I find in these vintage sheets. It's such a thrill to find new patterns and figure out how I will cut them, and combine them to make a fabulous set of pajamas/loungeware. I really love opening people's eyes to the beauty and usefulness in something that was once passed over and not really appreciated.

3.What is your favorite beach or destination to travel to?
New Smyrna Beach on the East coast of Central Florida. Such a great little town with a thriving surf culture and a real small town feel. My husband and sons all surf, and we spend many weekends at New Smyrna Beach.

4. What do you hope people will see or feel when they buy, or look at your clothing?
I recently had a customer tell me that they feel like they are on vacation every time they wear their pajama set. I love that! I really just want women to feel comfortable and beautiful in equal amounts.

5. What would you say is your most popular fabric pattern?
Hmmmm...Quirky always sells out quickly! Flamingos, Picasso prints, really bold 60's and 70's prints. Really though, it's the beachy seashell prints that I cannot keep in stock! They make such lovely pajamas, loungeware, and beach coverups.

6. What is your favorite thing about living in Oviedo, Florida? 
Small town, with great schools, parks, and trails - and it's less than an hour drive to New Smyrna Beach :)

7. If you could do a custom set for anyone (celebrity, political figure, etc) who would it be, and why?
I have been a huge fan of Natalie Merchant ever since her 10,000 Maniacs days, and I own every single CD she's put out since then! I love her beautiful voice and her thought provoking lyrics. Her latest CD/book is a collection of children's poetry set to music called, "Leave Your Sleep" How perfect is that?! She is such a class act, and it would be a dream come true to make a set of Counting Sheets pajamas for her! Natalie, are you out there?! Facebook me!

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Giveaway STARTS >> April 22 and ENDS >> midnight April 25.
Winner will be chosen the morning of April 26. Good luck!


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