Thursday, April 18, 2013

Seashells Reimagined :: Maine Coast Creations

I don't know about you all, but I'm looking forward to getting out on the beach for a vacation and sifting through the sand to find beautiful seashells :) Aren't we always looking for ways to bring them back into our homes to display in unique ways?

Maine Coast Creations is doing just that with re-imagined seashells! By using SEAcrete and ComposiSHELL products, they create custom decor such as vases, tea lights, lamps, mugs and bathroom vanity sets, as well as counter tops, cutting boards, and more reusing lobster, mussel, and clam shells from the coast of Maine. 
The business started in Cutler, Maine by Adam Meyer and his team, and has evolved form various work experiences, creativity, close proximity to the ocean, plus a local seafood processing plant that distributes excess seashells. When asked about his favorite thing about the local Cutler community, Adam said, "..the Downeast American feel of everyday life. The community is full of hardworking folks that are family committed and ocean dependent." "My family frequently visits Jasper Beach, Roque Bluffs, Cross Island, among other areas along the Downeast coast."

One of my favorite pieces they make are their vases, they're so gorgeous and perfect for any home! "The most popular is either the lobster due to the Maine connection, or the mussel shells due to their irredescent blue appearance." said Adam.  You can mix different seashell combinations choosing between lobster, clam, and mussels to make your very own unique coloration. The red clam is my favorite.
Every customer receives a custom creation, handcrafted by Adam. No two are exactly the same. "I love the response by those getting and giving my creations...It feels good to know that they have a beautiful piece from me." "I hope the feel that they have a unique handcrafted creation made from a fisherman from Downeast Maine. You just can't get anymore Downeast Maine than that."

Maine Coast Creations also creates custom vanities, table tops, and counter tops with a choice between either a clear finish with their composite base, or a stone like finish with their cement base which is polished, sealed, and waxed for a finished smooth shine. The mixture of crushed shell and cement or composite is durable, strong, and definitely brings in a coastal living feel to any home. If you're looking to remodel and want a certain base color, Maine Coast Creations can use concrete based dyes to match exactly what you're looking for, how great is that? They also can create something for you, or overlay on an existing piece at the exact location it was installed at.  

Bathroom vanity top made from crushed Budlight platinum bottles, clam shells, and white cement.

Aside from regular business, Maine Coast Creations is partaking in the Maine Loves Sandy Hook initiative. They created this 10x8x1 Sandy Hook Elementary School memorial base made with mussel shells and concrete featuring 26 stainless steel angels embedded with fiber optic hearts that illuminate, and it will be delivered in the coming days to Newtown! 26 LED lights sit on top on the engraved granite stone as well.

I asked Adam what favorite piece he has made through Maine Coast Creations was, and this is it. He said, " means so much, it's so unique and truly represents a gift from Maine to Newtown."

Looking for a gift, or a unique coastal shell addition for your home? Visit Maine Coast Creations and shop around! Also keep up-to-date on what's happening around Cutler, Maine and the delivery of the Sandy Hook Elementary memorial base on the Maine Coast Creations Facebook page.


  1. Tiffany, What a great Blog. Thanks for sharing. Adam

    1. You're welcome! It was great to have you featured, stay in touch!


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