Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Historical New England Bluebonnet Cottage

This 18th century half barn half home located in Killingsworth, Connecticut was renovated by architectural designer, Nancy Fishelson with an airy, clean, and rustic aurora focusing on gathering natural light into the home through long windows throughout the home.

Decided to add some warm color to her inspiration with the occasional cattle and bluebonnet flowers (Texas state flower) that are starting to pop up around town!  

During the renovation, wide board wood floors were laid and French porcelain pulley lights were hung above the sink and island areas.

The master bedroom was built inside the old barn house, completely renovated of course, to match the original house's interiors. An antique barn door leads from the main house to the master bedroom.

Contemporary furnishings are used throughout the home, while the ceilings add texture to the rooms by exposing their antique beams that were uncovered by Nancy during the renovation process.

An all natural home, a lovely place to live, and just a sense of relaxation. Love :)

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