Friday, March 1, 2013

Eco-Coastal Mosaics

I've recently become obsessed with coastal inspired mosaics, and met a very talented artist, Joy McEwan of Cornish Crafty Made from Bude, Cornwall, United Kingdom. She has a great eye for color and design within her work, and has lived in Bude for 32 years! She said, "I have tried moving away a couple of times, but the pull of the ocean kept calling me back. I've given into it now, and spend many happy hours on or near the beaches."

I just had to share some insight into what makes Cornish Crafty Made with you all. Check out the interview, Joy's coastal inspiration, and beautiful mosaic pieces below!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what inspires your artwork. When did you begin creating mosaics, and how did you get the idea to start?
Once our family found their wings, I decided it was my time to explore things which I never got around to before. I have always been a crafter, and enjoyed working with color; over the years I've had a go at most things. When I saw an ad for mosaic classes I jumped at the chance to try something new...I've been hooked ever since that first lesson in 2009.
I like to use recycled roof slates as a base for my work, making it perfect to go outside in the garden. I also like to use fishing floats which are washed up on the shore, covered in mirror, and when grouted they transform into sun-catchers.

2. What is your favorite thing about living in Cornwall/UK?
There's a brilliant Farmers and Craft Market held on the wharf in Bude, where I have a stall every Friday from Easter through to the end of September. It's a really buzzing meeting place for locals and holiday-makers alike; it turns Fridays into a lovely adventure, not knowing who you're going to meet. All the crafts and produce have to be handmade or raised, giving a wide range of goods.
One of the reasons I love living in Bude is that I can walk back across a beach on my way home from the shops - heaven.

3. What is you favorite beach or destination to travel to?
I've always enjoyed traveling the world seeking out quiet spots, but my favorite beaches are to be found in this area of the West Country, where you can find wild wind blown bays not far from peaceful white sandy coves.

4. What do you hope people will see or feel when they look at your mosaics?
I hope my work reflects my love of the outdoors where the sun sparkles on the sea, or shines from the flowers in the hedgerows. Most of my mosaics contain pieces of mirror or iridescent glass which will catch your eye and lift your spirits.
Over the last couple of years, my work has traveled all over the world, some taken as keepsakes, others as presents; I feel very lucky to have had this time to follow my dreams. I hope you enjoy looking at my work!

By far my absolute favorite piece from Cornish Crafty Made. I think I could take about a dozens of these to use as a border in a room - or just have one huge wave mosaic piece as a central point in the living room <3!


  1. Lovely piece on lovely cornwall. Well done Joy and artseachic. Love that I found this blog. Very inspirational.

  2. I've seen Joys work in and around Bude and I LOVE IT !
    A really good eye for colours that really come alive.
    Glad to see that she has reached a wider audience - and some well deserved artistic praise xx

  3. Thank you everyone for your support and lovely comments, I'm inspired to make even more mosaics, Joy x


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