Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Earthbound Seascape Paintings

Over the past two weeks I've been introduced to some lovely artistic talent coming out of the United Kingdom. I find it fascinating how much my blog has grown over the past 1.5 years (soon to be 2 years in May!) into an online global community of artists, bloggers, beach enthusiasts, sailors, vacationers, etc who can come together to appreciate what coastal living has to offer through art, crafts, stories, photography, and many other mediums in which we express ourselves in.

When I first met Sue Read of Sue Read ART - Seascapes and Landscapes of North Cornwall, and exchanged a few words, I knew she truly understood what it feels like to have a connection with the sea and with others who feel the same way when she said, "I still find it amazing that you live so far away, but yet we are all so connected by the sea."

Sue's contemporary Cornish seascape paintings bring out the natural wilderness of the Northern Cornish coastline through a palette of soft coastal colors. Each stroke defines a line that transforms the painting into a stunning seascape setting, one of which you can just imagine where she was sitting as she painted. 

Sue loves the beach just like all of us, so I had to ask her about her favorite coastal spots, how she got started painting, some of her paintings, and bring out some of the ways she goes about her day creating beautiful pieces for all to see. Check out the interview below! 

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what inspires your paintings.
I live a stone's throw away from the beach with my family. I am a true Cornish girl, who feels and loves the landscape I live in, inspired by the expansive skies and long sandy beaches; lovely in all seasons and all weather on the North Cornish coast.
We are a finger of land that is very small, but has 330 miles of coastline. The Atlantic ocean crashes into our coastline full of dramatic cliffs, big surf, and storm beaches. I love walking the beaches and coastline, a different view around every corner, changing hour by hour. It's incredibly uplifting and gives you a sense of freedom, a feeling of space and calm, and I hope to give people this feeling in my work while adding as much color as possible too.      

2. When did you begin painting?
I have always been creative, but didn't start painting until I was struck down with M.E. fifteen years ago. Fully recovered now, I am painting more and more, and bigger and bigger as I understand my subject more. I love painting outside where all the scenes come into play and affect my work. Because I paint and work from home, I can do it any time of day, and love getting up early in the summer when the mind is clear and totally focused. Paintings will often change, and I love the excitement of not knowing how it will turn out, but with the paint and creativity - just let it evolve.

3. What's your favorite thing about living in Cornwall/UK?
I have always lived in Bude and all my family is nearby. Cornwall is very special and almost cocooned from the stress of the modern world. The sea plays an important part in the daily life of everyone from fishing, tourism, and especially recreational pursuits like swimming, surfing, running, etc. In Cornwall you are never more than 20 miles from the sea wherever you live. Our life has always revolved around the beach. We socialize there, coffee, walks, barbecues, love beach-combing, and the latest passion is being a part of a group picking up the huge amount of plastic washed up on the shorelines.
(Way to go Sue on the trash cleanup! Read more about how cleanup efforts like Sue's are being done around the world via yesterday's post)

Crooklets Beach

4. What's your favorite beach or destination to travel to?
Cornish beaches are hard to beat, especially when the sun is shining. But the beaches on the Atlantic coast of France are hard to beat, and Costa Rica is definitely on the bucket list of beaches to see.

5. What do you hope people will see or feel when they buy or look at your paintings? 
Rather than paint every ripple, I aim to capture the glorious spirit of the sea. A painting can give you so much more than a photograph. Artistic license means I can add as much color as I want, alter the perspective to give the feeling of being hugged by the coastline while feeling the expansiveness of the ocean, as well as infinity and freedom all framed by the sky. There is a lot of emotion in me in my paintings. Because I work in such an evolving, unconstrained way, I think people connect to my work but don't always know why, which is rather special.

Check out her blog too!

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