Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Navy Haze

Lately I've been daydreaming about driftwood accents, a haze of navy blue linens, and gleaming white walls - put them altogether and this my curated home for a more uptight nautical interior. Wicker baskets are an instant coastal touch, especially when used for storage on shelving, and provide great contrasting elements on wood floors. Defined lines with each decor piece bring together organization of each space, and display each collection perfectly.

One of my favorite things to see displayed throughout rooms is different wood textures. My Etsy find for the week is Steven Mitchell of BeachArtDesigns from Clearwater, Florida. Steven and his artists have handmade from old weathered reclaimed Cypress wood panels each piece with a feel of driftwood. Each is sophisticated yet designed simply to showcase the beauty of the shell. Visit his shop to see more.

This bathroom design has got to be one of my favorites of all time - just look at that navy and white striped backwall matched with white-washed panels accented with a dark wood trim! Just LOVE this.

If you're always in the kitchen, the design of this bright light filled space with a side of hazed navy blue bottom cabinets is perfect. I like how the white titled backsplash adds a bit more dimensional texture to the flat lines that make up the cabinetry and wood floors. 

This dining room is just lovely, so well designed. The dark navy blue gives off depth to the room, while the off-white cotton curtains bring inner filling waves ontop of grass paneled blinds. Again, dark wood floors helping make this room complete accented with a cream flat indoor rug below a rich wooden table. Keeping the same style of chairs can be boring sometimes, so switching up the style can really do some appeal work! In this case the head chairs take inspiration from the curtains that surround the dining room. 

Now for one of my favorite parts - outdoor living. Using navy blue ontop of creams and whites clams the space and brings in the drifts of breezes against the trees. Use a strong wooden frame for a bench and place different pillow covers of smooth cotton linen, textured patterns, and soft plush for a relaxed look and feel. Compliment the space with a standout light fixture.

No doubt, I think when we all see this outdoor shower we hope there's actually a beach on the other side of the wall, right? I really like the idea of staining the concrete and painting the walls a dark navy color that helps make the large tree stumps (or you can use drift wood stumps) standout for a natural earthy look.

For more interior decor inspiration, style tips, and looks, visit the ArtSea Chic Style Your Places and Spaces Pinterest board!

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