Friday, February 1, 2013

Downtown Coastal Reef Dwelling

For those of you who have been following the blog since the beginning of last year, you know I had been searching for a custom wood table to display the many shells that have been stashed up in a huge bin. So I hunkered down and savaged the Internet to find the best deal on a display table possible and... here it is!

The Leesburg Walnut Coffee Table is from Walmart, made from handcrafted walnut wood and features a tempered glass covering for the two display drawers (there's also a matching end table). I must admit I was nervous about ordering a piece of furniture online without seeing it until it was delivered, and putting it all together piece by piece -- but it turned out to be a great experience thanks to someone special, we'll call him Mr. ArtSea Chic ;) He put the table together for me (isn't that just fabulous) AND he placed all my favorite shells into each display drawer square (props).
I mentioned I have a huge bin of shells...think one of those plastic storage bins :) So as you can imagine, I had to dig through the entire bin to find my favorite shells. Talk about a hard task, but I smile each time I look at this table surrounded by a few of my favorite coastal things in a downtown city-life world, I love it!!

It has been quite the busy past few weeks! Recently went on a roadtrip with Mr. ArtSea Chic to Houston and stopped in Kemah, Texas where it just so happened that one of my favorite places EVER was located there - the Aquarium Restaurant featuring the Stingray Reef exhibit. Needless to say I had never fed a stingray in my life I had to do it, even if I had to touch their smelly dead fish snack :)

It was pretty awesome, I'd recommend visiting the restaurant closest to you if you're interested. The food, atmosphere, and exhibits are truly a one of a kind dining experience.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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