Wednesday, December 5, 2012

HOLIDAY LOOK BOOK Featured Business of the Day: Seth Thomas Creative

Our 23rd Featured Business of the Day

To see SETH THOMAS CREATIVE's ad in the Holiday Look Book for a FREE design consultation for all new clients, click here.

"My advice for creatives during the holiday season is that it's ok to get a little looser on branding guides at this time of year. Make sure that it is still your brand voice, but visually let your business have a little fun and celebrate the season." - Seth Thomas, SETH THOMAS CREATIVE | check him out at:

"The inspiration for my brand was from my former personal logo design.It also had a nautical theme to it, but was more quirky. This one is more refined and professional. I enjoy the metaphor of the open ocean compared to life, and more so as a brand's journey. An anchor is a symbol of hope, and steadfastness. I want those wandering brands to come to me for that direction." - Seth Thomas, SETH THOMAS CREATIVE

"The most important thing I've learned while in the industry is that there is a give and take between what the client wants, and me solving their problem creatively. A great design design solution starts when the client is able to verbalize enough of what they want in order to give me a direction, but leave it open enough for me to be creative. A great designer isn't just paid for what he is able to make, but more so how he thinks and the ideas he can come up with. That to and from with clients is something I will always continue to learn and get better at, but has certainly been the biggest learning curve since college (because we don't really have clients in school)." - Seth Thomas, SETH THOMAS CREATIVE

"I enjoy working with people who are equally passionate about their business, as I am about design. I like clients who give me an idea, but allow me to interpret it and come up with the best solution for them." - Seth Thomas, SETH THOMAS CREATIVE

"My passion is being able to take something and bringing it to life, or giving it new life through design.. If you are interested in my services or aren’t sure if you project is right for me, feel free to contact me { } for a quote or with any questions you may have." Connect with SETH THOMAS CREATIVE via his Facebook page, I Am Seth

"My favorite service is branding. I enjoy the process of taking an idea or concept and creating something great that never existed before. I enjoy helping people, and my talents allow me to help people build their business and then watch it grow." - Seth Thomas, SETH THOMAS CREATIVE

SETH THOMAS CREATIVE works with businesses of all shapes and sizes on projects ranging from full scale (re) branding case studies, to logos, websites, posters, illustrations, and much more. I've known Seth for a few years now. His work is fabulous and he truly takes the time to know his clients, check him out at:

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