Friday, December 21, 2012

Dreaming of a Holiday Cottage by the Ocean

Congratulations everyone you made it to 12-21-2012! Haha I don't know what all the fuss has been about in the media, guess they needed something interesting to talk about to try and make the Mayans look bad.
But nonetheless, now is the time to reflect on the past year (and what a year it has been!) from the struggles and hardships -- to the surprises and joys, we all have so much to be thankful for!

I've learned a lot this year, especially to take nothing for granted, everything is always changing and you just have to learn how to adapt in the best way possible. This Christmas is especially touching for me because it will mark 1 year since a friend and some of her family members were killed in their home while opening their presents. And as well all reflect on the tragic events in Newtown, CT we must remember no matter how hard things get, there will always be someone ready to help, ready to console, forgive, bring peace, celebrate with you, and give you memories for a lifetime.  

With such holiday reflections calls for interior decorations that bring out what we cherish most in our lives. Family greeting cards, handmade ornaments, lighting logs for the fireplace, and snuggling up with a soft blanket watching a holiday movie with the family.

This time of year really brings out my love of white, soft fabrics paired with rustic textures of wood and pine trees ~ ~ you can just smell them now ~ ~ Of course, can't forget the Christmas lights, warm rugs, scented candles, and papperwhites growing in gleaming glass holders. If I had a cottage by the sea - you would find all these things, plus seashells of course :) Here's to the dream! Cheers.

An end table by the sofa is a perfect spot to display a small evergreen plant next to some paperwhite blub flowers growing in a crystal glass holder.

If there's a lonely corner in your home, an evergreen plant in a simple designed clay pot can solve any empty space problems. Wrap a few Christmas lights around the base on the plant for some extra sparkle during the evening.

See that rope light?? -- I tried to make this, but was not successful in doing to :( Sad day. But by all means if you think you can pull it off try it! Here's the tutorial:

I simply LOVE wood floors, and what better way to make them stand out than to feature white linens and pulled back country pattern curtains to let the light shine and make the room feel open, clean, and cozy!

The other decor accessory I love - pillar candles, and I can't get enough of these clear crystal candle pillars with vanilla candles on top. The tablescape is just stunning with white roses, silver beaded napkin rings and saucers, highlighted with a white tablecloth and Christmas lights in the background on the wall entryway.

Such a clever and easy way to add a holiday touch to napkins. Cinnamon sticks, green herbs or evergreen pickings wrapped in twisted string.

Cozy by the fireplace! If you're not one to light a few logs, place candles in the fireplace instead!

One thing I'd want to do in the future is visit the beach during winter, see how marine life handles the cold snow and icy waters. I think it'd be so interesting to see what you could find on the shoreline :)

How are you decorating your home for the holidays? Post a holiday photo of your choice on the ArtSea Chic Facebook page to share with everyone, we'd love it see! It can be a snow angel, Christmas lights, pets dressed up in holiday clothes, snowmen, your favorite holiday decor piece, etc. Happy decorating!

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