Friday, November 23, 2012

HOLIDAY LOOK BOOK Featured Business of the Day: Searchnrescue2

Our 15th Featured Business of the Day

To see SEARCHNRESCUE2's ad in the Holiday Look Book for 15% OFF sitewide, click here to get the discount code.

Ok, so I’ll start off with EVERYTHING, literally, that SEARCHNRESCUE2 handcrafts is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The team of two sisters brings a fantastic dose of nautical craft in every product they create. This Nautical Holiday Life Ring Wreath has to be my favorite wreath this season :) It features a wooden seahorse, comes with 2 messages “Home for Christmas” and “Welcome Home” so you can use it year round! I know you need one now, because I certainly do!!

SEARCHNRESCUE2’s Chenille Sea Turtle Seafoam Pillow makes a perfect gift for any coastal baby! So soft to the touch, and baby friendly cotton. You can also match the Chenille Sea Turtle Seafoam Pillow to other related items like the Chenille Starfish Pillow and Sea Turtle Blanket to create a fabulous holiday gift for an expecting mother, or small child.

Tired of trying to find those sheets of paper you had your grocery list on? SEARCHNRESCUE2’s Shabby Chic Cottage Vintage Styled Chalkboard is your answer. The rescued frame painted white features a tin shell dish for placing chalk pieces of any color, and a double hanger on the back for putting up on the wall.

These adorable Chenille Whale Pillows by SEARCHNRESCUE2 are made of rescued white and turquoise fabric, and felt eyes. For a little girl or boy, they’re sure to LOVE these and carry them everywhere!

Chenille anything is the way to go this holiday season, and SEARCHNRESCUE2 is all over it! Their Chenille Seahorse, Fish, and Starfish Pillows make a perfect set together. The Seahorse Pillow features a 3 strand shell necklace removable for when you need to wash.

SEARCHNRESCUE2’s Seafoam Seahorse Nautical Mirror Décor looks great in any nursery, bathroom, or kitchen sidewall!

Have you been looking for a durable décor piece, maybe for the outside patio by the pool? SEARCHNRESCUE2’s Industrial Life Ring Wreath is handcrafted by corner drain pipes joined together, rope hanger, and an actual preserved crab caught by one of Searchnrescue2’s owners. Pretty neat right?!


  1. Thank YOU Tiffany, it looks AWESOME! You ROCK!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving ~
    Beth and Bebe

    1. You're welcome :) I did, hope both of you did as well!


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