Thursday, November 22, 2012

HOLIDAY LOOK BOOK Featured Business of the Day: Ocean Edge Designs

Our 14th Featured Business of the Day

To see OCEAN EDGE DESIGNS' ad in the Holiday Look Book for 10% OFF all sea glass and Argentium silver rings, click here to get the discount code.

OCEAN EDGE DESIGNS’ Frosty Aqua Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Argentium Silver Ring is a free form design with added texture to parts of the ring, which is 100% recycled Argentium silver, the highest quality sterling silver.

All of OCEAN EDGE DESIGNS’ jewelry pieces feature a genuine piece of tumbled sea glass, like this Deep Purple Sea Glass Argentium Silver Ring made of tarnish-resistant and hypoallergenic silver.

This Wire Wrapped Emerald Green Sea Glass Ring has been hand wire wrapped by Lisa of OCEAN EDGE DESIGNS in an anti-tarnish fine silver. A maintenance-free ring to wear any day, any time!

My favorite OCEAN EDGE DESIGNS collection, Sea Fantasy Creatures, features this Wire Wrapped Seahorse Teal Blue Sea Glass Argentium Silver Necklace. The extremely rare teal blue sea glass piece was found along the edge of Seaham Beach in England.

How gorgeous is this Pink Sea Glass Necklace wrapped in Argentium Sterling Silver by OCEAN EDGE DESIGNS? This rare pink egg shaped piece of sea glass is featured within the mermaid tear design, carefully selected and handcrafted to be a true vintage treasure!

OCEAN EDGE DESIGNS’ Blue Green Seafoam Sea Glass Necklace wrapped in Argentium Sterling Silver is one of my favorite necklaces! So simple and elegant, love it. The sea glass piece is from Seaham Beach in England and features a few white lines within the glass.

If you’ve been looking for a rustic coastal jewelry piece to add to your collection, OCEAN EDGE DESIGNS’ Beach Stone Bracelet featuring Argentium silver and genuine beach stone is perfect for you! The fossil beach stone is paired next to a black beach stone and a silver bead to complete this unique look.

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