Monday, November 12, 2012

HOLIDAY LOOK BOOK Featured Business of the Day: My Honeypickles

Our 6th Featured Business of the Day

To see MY HONEYPICKLES' ad in the Holiday Look Book for 10% OFF all purchases, click here to get the discount code.

For those of us who adore driftwood, I am absolutely all over MY HONEYPICKLES’ Driftwood Seashell Christmas Tree! Dashed with metallic gold and silver seashells, this piece is truly unique, great for displaying on any countertop in your home.  

This beautiful Seashell Cross Shadowbox by MY HONEYPICKLES has been hand-painted inside with a metallic pearl white color, and can be hung on the wall or placed on a coffee table displaying your most treasured accessories, shells, pictures, and more. I’m eyeing this one, so y’all better act fast if you want it too ;)

MY HONEYPICKLES’ Wooden Seashell Crosses are just stunning. Every shell used is crisp in color and shape highlighting the beauty of the ocean. Hang these crosses over your bedroom doorway, in your living room, or hallway.

Who doesn’t love crowns?...especially ones with seashells :) This Gold Seashell Crown by MY HONEYPICKLES is highlighted with limpet, pearl umbonium, and spurred turban shells. Place it on your bookshelf, desk, or nightstand for as a coastal vintage decor piece.  

MY HONEYPICKLES’ bold French Styled Seashell Wall Bracket is painted in a glossy turquoise blue, with white shells added around the rims. Perfect for a country chic cabin by the beach.

This set of 2 Italian Florentine Seashell Wall Plaques by MY HONEYPICKLES is another favorite of mine. With contracting textures and gold hues against a starfish surrounded by shells, these are ready to be hung in any home!

Another Italian favorite for me, MY HONEYPICKLES’ Italian Florentine Box with Seashells has ALL my favorite color combinations! Turquoise, gold, wooden browns, and of course limpet and ablone shells. Inside the box has beautiful turquoise velvet.

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