Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Style Your Places and Spaces: Wild Colorado Interior

This past weekend I woke up to 37 degrees and foggy skies which got me feeling like it was December already instead of October. Too cold for Texas right now, maybe next month around Thanksgiving I'll be alright with those temperatures.

But it's starting to get to be that time of year again for me where I crave log cabins, great views of nature, and patterns mixed with warm/cool colors for a earthy vibrant feel.

The home entryway (above) was designed by Denver Interior Designer Lynne Barton Bier in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The use of different ages and shades of wood is fabulous. Noticing a big trend this season with wood in the home - Indian and Persian rugs.

To not overload on so much wood being used inside the house, white or cream walls trimmed with wood molding or beams adds light to the main rooms of the house - the kitchen and living room.  

My favorite things to do before fall turns into winter are: 
• Pumpkin carving
• Camping at a state park  
• Tend to the growing veggies and herbs in the garden
• Get outside and exercise as much as possible
• Take a hike somewhere out in the country
• Get that last BBQ gathering of the season in

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