Friday, September 21, 2012

Out At Sea | Art by the Beach, Art by the Garden: Jason deCaires Taylor

You may have come across one of Jason deCaires Taylor's photographs before, but did you know not only is he a famous underwater photographer, he is also a diving instructor, underwater naturalist, and the founder and creator of the world's first underwater sculpture park of the coast of Grenada in the West Indies. On top of all that, his underwater sculpture park is listed as one of the Top 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic.

His sculptures are created to be sunk to the depths of the sea to become one with nature. Over time within the salty waves, the sculptures transform into a form of marine conservation that has brought environmental awareness into the eyes of thousands of people across the world. Creating habitats and restoration for the world underwater is his passion. To visit his portfolio website, click here.

If you're ever in Cancun, Greece, the Bahamas, Canterbury, or Grenada you can view his work in person by scuba diving, snorkeling, glass bottom boat, night scuba diving, parasailing, or free diving. Add this to your bucket list, I know it's on mine :)


  1. What an interesting post! I loved hearing about these underwater sculptures and the pictures are awesome. it's a little eery but cool seeing the "people" being engulfed by the creatures of the sea.


  2. Your art is wonderful, very different and special. Just love it.

    beach art


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