Friday, September 14, 2012

Food Favs: Jim's Pancakes

One thing I've learned about pancakes is you can go beyond the normal mix bag you grab off the shelves at a grocery store. I've only made chocolate chip pancakes before, but I must say sprinkle pancakes and strawberry pancakes are next on my list of cooking adventures to try for breakfast foods.

But, I don't think I'll be as good of a pancake maker as Jim of Jim's Pancakes. He's just your average dad who started to make awesome pancakes for his kid's to enjoy seeing every morning and then eating them all up!

His success in pancake making has taken him from being an awesome dad - to an awesome writer. He has written and published a book called, OMG Pancakes! that contains 75 recipes on pancake making for kids, and all the proceeds he makes from selling the book go directly to saving for his daughter's college fund (how sweet is that). You can be directed to ordering your book by clicking this link.

Jim has created hundreds of pancake designs over the years as you can imagine, but which of the designs below would you EAT or NOT EAT (aka - just feel like it's worth framing instead) Let us know what you think....

I love this aqua octopus! EAT or NOT EAT?

First thing I thought of is Mr. Crab looks like a strawberry pancake :) EAT or NOT EAT?

Pretty flowers :) EAT or NOT EAT?

This football pancake is just awesomeness...In my family this would be the Cowboys VS Redskins.haha EAT or NOT EAT?

Adorable giraffe, the pattern is so good! EAT or NOT EAT?

Neat squid :) EAT or NOT EAT?

Oil spill dead fish...seems pretty accurate to me. EAT or NOT EAT?

PENGUIN - Love it. EAT or NOT EAT?

A princess pancake is perfect for a little girl to wake up and see in the morning. EAT or NOT EAT?

Sea turtle :) EAT or NOT EAT?

Whale with his water blow hole, also very cute. EAT or NOT EAT?

Which pancakes do you think are worth eating? All of them no matter what right? ;) Share your thoughts by making a comment below this blog post or visit the ArtSea Chic facebook page and leave a comment.

1 comment:

  1. Honestly cannot eat anything that looks like a cute animal. :/


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