Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Baby Bump (aka get kids to like the sea too): Sandra Berney's World of Motherhood & Art

Mother of a sweet 6 year old boy with Autism, twin baby boys, prior teacher, and fabulous artist, Sandra Berney is a busy mother living in Ontario but loving every moment of it! I can't get enough of her Etsy shops, they are so unique. She has three: LittleMommyDesigns, Jane and Company, and TagAlongAdventure.

Recently I introduced to pinners who follow on Pinterest the NEW board, The Baby Bump (aka get kids to like the sea too), so if you haven't had a look around at the ocean inspired decor, clothing, interior decorating, and more for your little one I highly recommend you take a peak and follow :) To visit the board click here. You'll also find pins from Sandra's shops, so indulge yourself in finding ways to create a nautical lifestyle for your kids!

I have so many favorite items from Sandra's shops, below are just some of them, enjoy and make sure to add Sandra's shops to your favorites on Etsy:

Personalized Mermaid Child Behavior Incentive Chart
Personalized Peter Pan Adventure Child Behavior Incentive Chart
Lightly Row Lullaby Nursery Art

Quote Wall Art

I Believe in Mermaids Playroom Wall Art

Dolphin Print Wall Art

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