Friday, August 17, 2012

Art by the BEACH, Art by the GARDEN: Linda Monk of Beach Hut Prints

Finding quality coastal art is one of my favorite discoveries to make. The fine art of Linda Monk, a British artist, painting seascapes, landscapes, beach huts, and buildings has had her work featured in private and publicly held across Europe and North America such as in the Colomb Art Gallery in Marylebone, London, TheArtAgency Gallery, and more. Beach Hut Prints features colorful oil and pastel painted beach huts along the coastline by the seashore, each displaying its own unique characteristics.

In her own words when referring to her work, Linda says, "I want my paintings with my use of color and subject matter, to portray a feeling of uncomplicated joy." This can easily be seen through the realistic hues of her paintings that make each piece inviting and on my top recommended coastal artists.

Visit Linda's Beach Hut Prints Facebook Page to give her a LIKE and lovely comment on which piece you like the most. Below are just a few of my favorites, for more coastal art by the sea and garden, visit the dedicated Pinterest board by clicking here.

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  1. What a beautiful and creative way to show off your photo. Very nice job!!
    beach art


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