Friday, July 27, 2012

Style Your Places and Spaces: Handcrafted Wood Coastal Sign Decor

I've stepped foot into one Montana resident's world of handcrafted wood signs and decor made in the U.S.A! Owner of his own Etsy shop, AmericanaSigns, Carl McCoy grew up on the coast of North Carolina and worked in the Outer Banks area until he moved to Montana.

His signs are inspired by nature and are hand-carved from reclaimed woods from cabins and recycled materials from local contractors. There are so many coastal animals and beach themed signs to choose from - lobsters, fish, crabs, mermaids, sea horses, and much more at very reasonable prices! Below are some of my favorites:

Do you own a pool? Wouldn't one of Carl's pieces look just fabulous near your outdoor pool deck, patio wall, or sun room? Better yet, if you live on the coast in a beach house (first of all you are very lucky and I envy you, I hope to have my own some day) grab one of these fantastic marine life carvings to display mounted outside your house.

Visit AmericanaSigns on Etsy today to have your handcrafted nautical sign ordered!

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