Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beaches: Glass Beach - Ultimate Fort Bragg Beach Thrill

Fort Bragg, California is where it's at sea glass lovers! Take a look at SEA GLASS BEACH!

Glass Beach actually used to be a dumping ground for litter prior to 1967, containing many many pounds of broken glass. It wasn't till after then that the North Coast Water Quality Control Board began efforts to help clean the beach and restore it to its original condition. However, they had a very difficult time cleaning all the glass and over the years the ocean waves hitting the sand helped them turn it into one of the most sought after beaches by sea glass fanatics! Grown to much popularity, the beach is now owned by the California State Park System, and they have been working hard to integrate the area to become one with the surrounding MacKerricher State Park.

Watch the video below as a family explores Sea Glass Beach for the first time!

I received some requests yesterday evening about where on the East coast near the Carolinas one might be able to find a good sea glass beach. I did some digging around and have the following recommendations for those who are interested to look into:

* Southport, North Carolina
* Cherry Grove Beach - North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
* Morris Island, South Carolina
*  Sullivan's Island, South Carolina
* Surf City, North Carolina
* Atlantic Beach - North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
* Pine Island, North Carolina (mainly in between Duck Island and Corolla, NC)
* Hatteras Island, North Carolina

Happy Sea Glass Finding :)

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  1. i have been to glass beach MANY times and have never seen this much glass just lying on the surface waiting to be picked......

  2. You are actually not supposed to take the glass from this beach, it is prohibited... http://www.visitmendocino.com/business/glass-beach


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