Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flowers + Seashells

One of my good friends is getting married in 3 months and we recently discussed table centerpiece ideas. Which of course, like every girl does, got me thinking about what I like...so many ideas to choose from no wonder wedding planning can be stressful!

I really do like the idea for displaying flowers and seashells together in vases along tables. It's a simple design with a touch of creativity :) However, picking the type of flower -- I have no idea what I'm gonna do when that time comes I like too many kinds.ha

One of my favorite party themes I have seen recently is the National Geographic Honoree Ceremony for oceanography explorers and researchers such as James Cameron. They had Jack Johnson perform live; he's one of my favorite artists by far. If you have never listened to a song of his, listen to Better Together -- and then you'll be hooked forever.haha

I really like this centerpiece because of its simplicity that makes it so stunning. Seashells submerged in water topped with floating candles.

Lighting plays a big role for any party. Using blue, green, pink, and purple lights, the underwater world atmosphere comes to life!

Suspending curled sheer blue, green, and coral fabric from the ceiling created a seaweed look throughout the room.

Video projections to add more of a creative spin on designing the underwater world for the ceremony was a fantastic idea!
Perfect event theme, I love it.

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