Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Be BOLD by the Beach

I was really inspired by these colorful beach homes this afternoon! Their bold exteriors scream summertime by the sea. Although we can't see what lovely interior designs are within them, I'd like to go ahead and imagine...


Better Homes and Gardens inspired designs with a wicker coffee table in center surrounded by bright furnishings.

Design Sponge inspired designs with a Moroccan vibe with a 19th century old bathtub that was repainted orange.


HGTV's interior design work featuring violet, dark chocolate browns, bronze and a wood floor.

Special interior design by DressDesignerDecor.blogspot.com


The infamous beach house laundry room :) Found by Affair With Color.

Southern Living's style tip by Olga Naiman on maximizing space with dual-purpose built in drawers underneath sofas.

Chez Larsson designed room with functional space, modern furnishings, and those sand-proof (at least we hope all the time) sofa and chair white cover slips.


Such a tropical dining room! Adventure at the beach please! Room designed by Design Crisis.

Bold green covered walls, wooden floors, soft floor rug, and white accents and furnishings...perfect. Nice find from Material Girls New York Design Blog.

What is your favorite bold colored beach house from the first photo?


  1. How lovely! Love how bold colors make a fabulous statement. Enjoy the gorgeous week ahead, Kellie xx

  2. Where was this?

    1. These are just different beach homes curated to be what they might look like inside :) No particular location.


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