Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Dessert Swap

Invite friends and family over for a holiday dessert swap! Everyone brings a homemade dessert to pair with wine or smoothies. Whoever hosts the gathering can make custom napkins with attendees names on them as a thank you remembrance gift.

Gingerbread cookies using mermaid cookie cutters decorated with icing and sprinkles :)

Lemon extract and orange peel add a citrus touch to these cutout cookies. Top with a meringue icing or your favorite frosting, or add sprinkles before baking.

Graham crackers form the base for this bar cookie with layers of marshmallows, brown sugar, almonds and coconut.

Chocolatey cookies from refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough. Just add cocoa powder, chocolate sprinkles and a candy center.

While the gingerbread cookies are still warm, make a small hole in the top for a satin ribbon, which lets you use the cookie an ornament or gift.

Sugar cookies with colorful icing and designs make great party desserts.

Upside-down cupcakes topped with a white icing glaze.

Chocolate lovers ~ this chocolate-filled, chocolate ganache-topped cheesecake is super good! Add a snowflake, Christmas tree, or snowman on top with icing.

Vanilla Scandinavian Princess Cake with a lacy doily snowflake imprint pattern.

Igloo cake with unsweetened coconut, cake squares, icing, and marshmallows.
Pair your holiday desserts with delicious smoothies or wine :)

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  1. What a fun idea, Tiffany! I love all your cookies photos...I'm literally drooling lol.

    Happy holiday hugs,


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