Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY Magic Reindeer Food

Christmas is by far the most memorable holiday for me. Every year we could, we would travel from TX to MD to see family, exchange gifts, feast in endless amounts of home cooked foods, and play in the snow. I remember when I was still in elementary school my parents would make "reindeer food" bags made up of small bits of carrots, glitter, and shiny paper pieces for my sister and I, and Christmas Eve night we would go outside in the front of the house and sprinkle it on the ground for the reindeer to eat when Santa came.

If you have small children, they will love making this easy DIY holiday craft and food :) Promise. The glitter and sparkles make it all the more enticing. There's so many different ways you can decorate your reindeer bags or jars, so let your creativity run wild!  

All you need is 1. A bag or jar 2. Glitter in your favorite colors 3. A slip of paper that gives instructions on what the reindeer food is for and where to put it at night 4. Oats, carrot pieces, and whatever else you think those reindeers might like ;)

Up-cycle your old Starbucks jars into reindeer food jars! 

Print out some cute stickers or labels to attach to the reindeer food bags.

Use a regular brown lunch bag to make a reindeer with cut-outs from paper and a pom-pom ball ~ Then fill the bag with the reindeer food you make!


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  1. This idea, however adorable as it may be, can be extremely harmful to any wildlife that ingests it, which is likely if you mix it with carrots, oats, etc. I love glitter as much as the next gal, but instead of throwing it on your yard for animals to consume, use colored sugar or edible glitter instead.


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