Saturday, November 12, 2011

~* Product Review *~ Custom Name in the Sand Tote Bag

If you have not already entered our Nature's Notebook Giveaway for a chance to win one of these Custom Name in the Sand Tote Bags by Courtney Noelle, you'll want to click the link at the end of this post to get your entries in before November 16!

Based out of Huntington Beach in California, Courtney has been professionally capturing the landscape of the beach through photography and adding a personal touch for customers through custom writing in the sand for over 10 years. Her work has been featured in Marie Claire Magazine, Exclusively Weddings, Healing Lifestyles & Spas, and of course in many homes, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday gift lists like our selected ArtSea Chic Let it Snow Sunbeams Etsy Holiday Treasury.

Her Custom Name in the Sand Tote Bag is part of her Giftables product category, and is a heavy duty 12oz canvas bag made with a custom writing in the sand black and white photo. The tote bag also has various handle colors to choose from: PINK, LIGHT BLUE, LAVENDER, ORANGE, and many more!    

The tote bag's canvas material makes it great for packing beach essentials for a day by the sea, carrying books to classes, or just simply a purse that's big enough to actually hold everything you think you'll need all day!ha The quality of the black and white custom name in the sand photo is fantastic and truly keeps all the details of the sand and shimmering ocean.

Vacationing to the beach this winter/high season? Check these items off your packing list, as this tote bag makes a great fit for them all plus some more:
- Tropical Beach Towel - Oil Free Sunscreen by Neutrogena - Reusable Water Bottle - Flip Flops, Beach Hat, Must-Read Book, Fresh Fruit Snacks - Sunglasses - Condo/Beach House Keys - Seashell Scooper - 

The tote bag fits many items and thick straps make it easier to carry on your shoulder.

Such a beautiful piece of artwork now fashionably carried every day!
The tote bag also has a back pocket for easy grab items like a book, sunscreen, or water bottle.

I can not say enough about the quality and richness of color in Nature's Notebook's photography. Custom prints fitted in a simple frame bring the ocean to life as you can imagine yourself standing on the beach looking out onto the sea's horizon watching the waves crash and drift ashore. You desire to feel the warm sand beneath your feet, and feel a cool saltwater breeze hit your face as your stroll along the coastline. ~ at least that's what the photo does for me :)

Are you dreaming of the beach yet?  I sure am, but you can bring the beach everywhere you go by entering our Custom Name in the Sand Tote Bag GIVEAWAY with Nature's Notebook for a chance to win a bag! One lucky winner will be chosen on November 16.

ArtSea Chic readers and fans get an exclusive discount on any purchase made in the Nature's Notebook store or Etsy shop. Enter coupon code: ARTSEA to receive 12% OFF 
now - November 29!

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