Monday, September 12, 2011

A Beachy Business Interview: Ocean Edge Design's

I'm so excited to introduce my first featured interview with one of my Beachy Business advertisers, Lisa Di Noia of Ocean Edge Design's. She is a Pennsylvania based artist creating surf tumbled sea glass jewelry from sea glass collected from various beaches around the world, and promotes social and environmental awareness. Her art is a stunning reminder of the natural beauty of our environment and the history of sea glass, which when combined holds personalized meaning for customers. Her necklaces, bracelets, rings, frames, and other items are each unique and handcrafted symbolizing her love for the beach, glass, and recycling. I had the opportunity to ask Lisa a few questions about her business to share with all of you!
Q: What made you want to launch Ocean Edge Design's?
Lisa: I launched Ocean Edge Design's to share in the beauty that comes from nature, my heart and my mind. Like many other artists, I am inspired by things that I see in nature and the peculiar. When I go to the beach, I wonder how I can take what I have seen and incorporate that into jewelry. I wanted to give women an opportunity to show their love of nature and our earth through my eco-friendly line of jewelry. Sea glass is the focal point of my jewelry and the fine metals used in my creations are all recycled.
Q: What is your favorite color of sea glass?
Lisa: I cannot say any one color, so I have to say a combination of colors. I absolutely love English multi colored sea glass. Both the graduation of colors and origin intrigue me. Multi colored sea glass comes from the old glass factories of the 1800's, off the northeast coast, where at the end of the day unused glass was discarded into the ocean. Once in the ocean, the colors bonded together. After years of being surf-tumbled, you have a unique piece of frosty glass with an awesome shape created by nature.
Q: What is your favorite product on sale in your shop right now and why?
Lisa: I would have to say my hand sculptured hearts featured in either a necklace or bracelet design. My inspiration for these designs comes from the strength and courage that each woman possesses during and after a traumatic event. I personally know that sometimes the aftermath, for some women and men, lasts much longer with more devastation. I want to acknowledge that strength and courage through these designs.

Q: You have an exciting event coming up next week on September 18, the Jenkintown Festival of the Arts in Jenkintown, PA! Tell us now that you have been accepted as a featured artist, what do you hope to get from participating in the festival?
Lisa: This is a juried show and it is exciting! Just to be accepted is an honor for me. I get the opportunity to present my creations in person while meeting some fascinating people. My main objective is to get my name out and, of course, some possible recognition for my work is always a good thing :)

Q: What is your favorite beach to go to for work or vacation?
Lisa: Aruba, my family has a timeshare unit on the beach. I especially love the water there, so blue and crisp to the skin. The beaches are clean, offering some interesting finds. Being there totally relaxes and invigorates me ~ Oh, I love the daily pool aerobics too.   

My personal favorite find on her Etsy shop is the Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Necklace in Soft Blue for $40. This sea glass was collected off a northern shore in England and complements the wire wrapped Argentium silver. Beautiful.   

As the holiday shopping season quickly approaches and you need to start searching for gifts for friends and family members, but don't know what they might like, keep in mind gift certificates are available on Lisa's Etsy shop!

Love sea glass? Please visit Lisa at her Ocean Edge Design's website shop or add her as a favorite shop on Etsy. You can also let her know what you think about her jewelry by giving her a like on her Facebook fan page.

Interested in becoming a Beachy Business advertiser like Ocean Edge Design's has? Visit my About & Partnership Opportunities page for details.  

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