Thursday, August 11, 2011

A World of Seashells

Stumbled upon this AMAZING online seashell retailer this afternoon and thought I'd share with all of you. Shells, shells, and more shells! Located in Kissimmee, Florida, they are one of the world's largest retailers of seashells, nautical decor, jewelry, tropical gifts, and collectibles. They apparently have over a quarter of a million visitors through their store annually!
The value that you get from this website is wonderful because not only can you shop for hundreds of seashells, but you can also learn about seashell classifications, habits, and the history behind seashells
3-Piece Table Lamp

White Knobby Starfish

Umbilical Egg Crawrie

Episcipal Mitre

Truncata Spider Seashell

Spotted Tun Seashell

Screw Turritella

Dyed Banana Clam
Shell Ornaments Christmas Greeting Card

Zeylandica Babylon Strombus Lattisimus

Pecten Noblis Natural Colored Scallops

Tarpon Springs Sea Sponges

Green Sea Urchin

Wooden Snake Stand

Pink Murex Night Light

Santa Moon Christmas Card
Click here to visit their website! They also have a Facebook and Twitter page you can follow for the latest shop news and special offers. Right now they're having special offers like 10% new seashells and 50% off clearance items.

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