Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Outer Banks Beach Cottage Life

North Carolina's Outer Banks beach style brings history, relaxation, and nautical energy all into a designed space. A favorite retailer of mine is the Outer Banks Trading Group providing elegant home furnishings and coastal art inspired by the ocean. The Outer Banks was the starting location of my love for the beach, as family vacations at coastal beach houses were decorated with crisp clean yellows, whites, blues, and greens with coral, sea shells, and paintings by local artists displayed on the walls throughout the homes.
Yellow and light blue on white walls and furnishings brings energy and comfort living into this beach cottage kitchen.
Lovely Sea Life Floor Mat on Outer Banks Trading Group's site.
Fortunata pottery imported from Italy brings traditional craftsmanship into these nautical pieces sold on the Outer Banks Trading Group website. Love the artist's creativeness.
Really like the lobster as the pitcher's handle.
Mixing white, tan, and creams is a favorite style habit of mine :) It makes a space feel clean, a cool temperature, and recalls the shades of sand on the beaches. Add another color into furnishings and accents minimally, in this case a dark chocolate brown, and focal points are immediately made.
Details on the bed curtains bring out the character of the room.
This Underworld Glass Seahorse Vase in Olle Brozen's collection featured on the Outer Banks Trading Group site is perfect for a Carolina beach house! The designer is part of the Kosta Boda glassworks company in Sweden. The company has created thousands of pieces since 1742, and holds history to its name turning sketches and ideas into glass decor and accents such as this piece.   

Too many to choose from, I like all of them :)

Sea shell garland and wreath makes an easy beach house decoration all year round.

This adorable Carolina lighthouse pillow is featured on Etsy!

I'm partial to sea shells to begin with, but this Fusion Z Cerith on a metal stand designed by mouth-blown Czech glass has pretty amazing detail. Also featured on the Outer Banks Trading Group site, this piece actually contains purple, white, and brown.

This porcelain white and blue coral reef lamp designed by Sedgefield by Adams on the Outer Banks Trading Group is soft white body covered in a blue coral pattern and a round dark base for contrast.

A perfect Carolina beach house porch with aqua and yellow pillows accented by simple white cushions, wooden swing boards, and the swing's rope holders. 

A creative design that has the walls coordinating with the pillow's pattern and color.
Crabbing is a huge activity at night on the beaches of the Carolina's. Flash light, bucket and nets, and of course a camera to capture those great photos. This crab frame featured on the Outer Banks Trading Group site is a perfect frame for captured personal beach traditions.
Yellows and light blues never fail in a Carolina beach cottage.
I absolutely love how this bath tub was styled with blue and white small square tiles to make you feel like you're swimming in the ocean. Hangers right next to the tub are great to have for wet bathing suits and a short reach for towels. The wooden window frames remind me of driftwood, and the sea shells add the perfect touch to this nautical bathroom.
A matching shower to go with this bath tub would be wonderful!

Hammocks are so popular in North Carolina, every beach house must have one!
If you're in the market for new beach pillows or nautical bedroom pillows to match bedding, the Outer Banks Trading Group is number one in my book for a great variety of styles, patterns, and designs! These below are just a few, but it will be hard not to choose just one, all I'm saying. From jellyfish, crab, lobster, and sea shells to starfish, coral, and sea fans...they have them all.
Angel fish watercolor pillow.

Chic lighthouse pillow.

These seahorses are so adorable! This is one of my many favorites from the site :)

Blue Marlin pillow

To browse around the Outer Banks Trading Group website, click here.
What's you're favorite coastal piece?


  1. lots of great inspiration! just drop the porch swings off in Texas with me and I am done! I so love them.

  2. Lucky for you I'm also in Texas :) I know the swing would come in handy on a cooler day compared to what we've been having the past 38 days :/


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