Monday, August 8, 2011

Emeralds, Whites, and Emerald Beach Resort

Best Western's Emerald Beach Resort on St. Thomas in the U.S Virgin Islands inspired today's beach home style of emerald greens and clean whites with assorted driftwood tables and bed boards, coral lamps, reused glass wine bottles, and more.

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I love the emerald green candle holders on a wooden backboard for this bed! Romatic and very beachy.

A very clean feeling with whites :)

Emerald Beach

My favorite all white lamp. The body as white coral adds detail.

Glass decor mixed with white furnishings makes a room all that more reflective and inviting.

Emerald green walls on old antique stairs.

Favorite part of vacations, beach time!

A nice cozy upper level space with white wood all over! To add a softer touch use pillows and flowers.

Reused green glass wine bottles as candle holders near a bathroom window.

A single green chair in an all white room stands out.

It's as beautiful in real life as it is in this picture :)

A soft romatic beach house bathroom.

Driftwood candle holder.

Inside part of the Best Western Emerald Beach Resort.

Emerald green chairs on patterned green and white carpet.

I especially love the emerald glass!

The ocean is always this color except for when storms come. BEAUTIFUL!
Very tropical green walls with white trim and dark wood cabinets make a perfect match!

This is one tropical bathroom that calls to be outside somehow...

These shower green tiles are so lovely and calming. 

Love this beach! The water looks so warm :)

I really like this wooden table matched to chairs with white covers.

Want to see more of the tropics in St. Thomas, I've visited myself! Everything from where I stayed, beaches, attractions, snorkeling under the ocean, and shopping. click here to see a blogpost on my trip to St. Thomas and St. John! 

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