Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Color You Need...Aqua

Only a few colors can give off the same relaxed, soothing feeling that aqua does. The popular water color inspires a fresh, confident coastal space especially when it's paired with white, sea shells, vintage glass mirror, or wooden furnishings.
Mixing of thick and thin bedding, glass furnishings, fresh cut flowers, and a comfy rug.

Yellow and peach coral above the bed post makes a great wall extender to pass over the aqua pillows.
Now this would have to be my ideal kitchen area! Lots of space for storage, aqua cabinets, and a large window to look outside and enjoy nature. I can just feel the pain of washing dishes disappearing :)
White dishes inside aqua cabinets definitely makes a statement. All purpose countertops are made to last.

A lighter aqua wall makes the cabinets stand out more and adds to the overall calm space.
Another space in the home to splash with aqua...the laundry room. A good way to make folding clothes more enjoyable. The space is fresh, feels more spacious, and with sand colored tile flooring, a white and glass chandelier, and recycled bottles with fresh cut flowers you can't go wrong.
A hanging area against a thick wooden board is ideal for wet jackets in the spring and winter time.
A sea shell display area is a must have space for all nautical homes. I like to add the identification to each shell so that I know what I have collected over time. Adding a bright color behind the sea shells gives the display area a boost of energy and curiosity to the viewer.
One good style tip is never overload on decorating with sea shells, it can get overwhelming after a while, so space is important when deciding a layout.

Simple additions to a living room like aqua pillows, cushions, and lamps make a clean, fresh, social space you love to be in.
With a flat aqua wall, adding in mirrors and lamps with simple yet artistic design helps bring the space to life. Use a white coral glass mirror, rustic twisted lamp, and an inspiring piece of nautical photography over the bed.
Details of mirrors and lamps can change everything about a room.

My favorite part of this setup aside from the aqua walls is the coral inspired chair!

Absolutely adore this aqua wall texture that even includes the countertop.
Using a darker aqua blue can bring out unique antique furnishings with gold, white, or wooden makeup. It also gives off a tropical or southern European appeal.
An aqua door plus aqua walls calls for a major style statement, keep decor simple to avoid overwhelming the beauty of color.

Aqua, white, and red are main nautical interior style colors to match with natural accents symbolizing nature. 
I love pairing wood with aqua combinations and this kitchen and dining space is to die for! The main focus point is the aqua cabinets and distracts from the much used wood in the ceiling, upper cabinets, and outline molding in the doorways. A darker set of wooden bar stools helps define the aqua color.
With such a naturalistic space, add a few more colors with fresh cut flowers or potted plants to liven things up.

Aqua iron painted mirror and planters make a great addition for white walls.

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