Saturday, July 23, 2011

Perfecting Sea Shells

Now that I'm back into the swing of thing in Texas, it's time to clean all the shells from our Florida trip! Most of the time when we've brought back shells, they tend to stink because of the bacteria and sea water that has built up on them. But that is an easy fix!

Take a tub and fill it with at least 8'' of water and put approximately 3 pours of Clorox bleach (depending on how bad your shells stink). Then start laying in shells. Usually I'd leave them in overnight, but since I'm doing it during the day, a good 6-8 hours should clean these up. Take them out of the solution when the time is up, rinse, let them dry, and you're done! If you want to give them a display shine you can put a few dabs of mineral oil on them. 
These are ALL the beautiful shells from our trip :)

Florida Fighting Conch, Common Jingle Shells, Scallops, and a Sea Urchin

A few Lightning Whelks, Atlantic Giant Cockle, Florida Fighting Conch, Banded Tulip, and Calico Clams 

Lightning Whelk and some scallops

Crab claw, Apple Murex, and many Common Jingle Shells

Angel Wing, Calico Calm, Common Jingle Shells, and Atlantic Auger

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